The Brightest Software In Organic Search

Trying to get a site to rank up on Google and just about any other search engine for that matter can be very difficult, especially in an age where Google continues to make changes on its algorithms. Sometimes you will need the help of some software tools to help make the job a little bit easier for you and when it comes to SEO work, you will definitely need all of the help that you can possibly get. You are also probably aware of the old saying about how behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Well in the case of SEO, behind every great SEO company, there is a great SEO tool.

This article is going to give you a brief review of some of the best SEO software tools that are currently out on the market. Remember that this list will be in no particular order.

Magic Submitter

This is a link building software that was designed and developed by Alexandr Krulik. Nowadays, quality is key whenever you want to build backlinks and Magic Submitter can help you do just that because it help you build high quality, relevant links. One of Magic Submitter’s best features is how it allows you to create multiple profiles for different submissions and lets you run them all at the exact same time. You can also make changes to your settings with just a single click of a mouse button.

It is also very easy to set up and even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Senuke XCr

Senuke XCr is a search engine optimization software tool that many consider to be one of the very best in the market when it comes to getting automated backlinks. The “Cr” on Senuke stands for crowd sourced and it is appropriately named as such because it is the first crowd sourced software and it still continues to create high quality backlinks despite the changes made by Google with Panda and Penguin.

This software can help your site rank consistently high when used correctly, but it’s only drawbacks happen to be its price and the fact that it doesn’t always create profiles that are always 100 percent correct.

Ultimate Demon

A software program developed by Edwinsoft that is designed as an all-around SEO tool that can post to many different platforms. It is a bit complicated to use at first, but once you get the basics down you will be able to start ranking up your sites with great consistency. It can create up to 60 threads and also features link reporting and link tree building.

However, it is a little pricey and tends to slow down with its performance if the database does not get cleaned often. The integrated scraper on this software is also a bit of a let-down since it is relatively weak and you are forced to find or scrape your own list of sites which can be very tiring for some..

Licorne AIO

Licorne AIO is one of the most trusted SEO software tools in the market with several users expressing how satisfied they truly are with the product’s performance and the amount of potential it has shown to become one of the best SEO tools to have ever been released. It is also quite affordable and well worth the money that you spend on it. If you are looking for an SEO tool that can give you quality for every penny, then you should look no further than this one.


This is an online spinner that can do something that no other content spinner has been able to do –spin entire sentences including words and phrases. The software is unique because it is able to comprehend the context of the words in sentences which allows it to produce some pretty unique and very readable content all with just a push of a single button.

This is a must have tool for people who are tired of having to manually spin content by themselves. It is well worth the $49.95 per month price tag because the value and service that it can offer you will be worth every penny you invest on it.

Article Kevo

This is an article submitting software that is designed to help your site rank up on search engines by way of article directories. It has an easy to use interface and a scheduler that lets you manage your tasks more easily around the clock. Besides helping you submit high quality articles, Article Kevo also has other features as well such as a multiple account creator, an indexer, a drip feed submission, and an e-mail confirmation and verifier among many others.

This is a must buy software for anyone looking to submit high quality articles with relative ease.